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What is a Princess Party?

"Princess Parties" is a term generally used for children's parties where a performer portraying a popular animated princess entertains the guests. There are a variety of activities that different princess companies offer to clients.


What is a Princess Party Like?

Most princess parties nationwide begin with a young college-or-high-school age performer who is interested in becoming a professional actor and likes children. They generally either sing or lipsync to their character's songs, and lead other activities such as simple facepainting, traditional party games, reading a picture book, and interacting with the children.

What is an Enchanted Empowerment Party Like?

Our selectively chosen performers pour their heart and soul into their interactions with children (even the grown-up sized ones!). We take each character we portray very seriously. If the character experience in a child's hometown isn't like the experience in a theme park, the magic could be lost! All of our activities have been created to be distinct from other local companies, with the priority being that each child feels seen, valued, and powerful. Our performers all sing live and have significant experience with children in educational settings, as well as training in performing arts.

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