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Our mission is to create enchanting experiences that go beyond mere entertainment. We believe in fostering self-esteem, empowering children to embrace their unique qualities, and helping them realize their own inner magic.

Through authentic character interactions, we strive to create genuine connections that touch the hearts of each child we meet. Our princesses are more than just performers; they embody love, kindness, and inspiration. Every interaction is infused with warmth and genuine care, leaving a lasting impact on the self-esteem and confidence of every little prince and princess.

We are driven by our deep love for children and our unwavering dedication to making their dreams come true. Our purpose is to ignite their imaginations, encourage their creativity, and instill a sense of self-worth that will guide them as they navigate the world.

At Royal Celebrations, we embark on a noble quest to create magical moments that transcend the ordinary. With every celebration we curate, we aim to nurture self-esteem, provide authentic character interactions, and shower each child with genuine love. Because every child deserves to feel like royalty and know that their dreams can become a reality.

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and create memories that will forever sparkle in the hearts of those we serve.

Best Quality Professional Party Character Princess Performer Party DC, Maryland, Virginia Princess Parties of DC Enchanted Empowerment


Best Quality Professional Party Character Princess Performer Party DC, Maryland, Virginia Princess Parties of DC Enchanted Empowerment

"I can't recommend Enchanted Empowerment enough! We booked the 'Snow Princesses' and my daughter and her friends had the BEST time interacting with [them]. The performers are so professional; the costumes are top notch, and the performers' voices are wonderful. All of the parents couldn't believe how wonderful the princesses were. The princesses told the [Snow Queen] story and sang... in addition to other fun activities. I hope that my daughter still likes princesses next year, so we can book Enchanted Empowerment again for another princess party. The joy on my daughter's and her friends' faces was worth every penny and we have memories that will last a lifetime."- Jennifer, Vienna, VA

One-of-a-Kind Performers, One-of-a-Kind Parties

Our activities have not only been designed to be empowering, but also engaging, interactive, and the perfect length for young attention spans. Our coronation, happy thought affirmation, and cake ceremony are all one-of-a-kind in the area! Our performers are all accomplished actresses with extensive training, both personally and in character. Enchanted Empowerment performers must not only complete rigorous audition requirements, but are also  interviewed to ensure they have a welcoming, loving, energetic personality. Our performers connect with children quickly and instinctively and all are background checked. We strive to not only captivate children, but adults as well!

Best Quality Professional Party Character Princess Performer Party DC, Maryland, Virginia Princess Parties of DC Enchanted Empowerment

"We don't even know where to start in sharing our wonderful experiences with [Beauty]. One word can sum up the moments, magical! Harper first met [Beauty] when she was 1 1/2, she was [mesmerized] with [Beauty]'s story telling, stellar voice, and overall persona. Now that Harper is 3 the magic and happiness has quadrupled! [Beauty]'s interactions are above and beyond amazing! Her love for children, singing and performing are outstanding! My husband and I are grateful for those magical moments that [Beauty] has given to Harper. Harper's smile tells it all."- Jillian, Fredericksburg, VA

Detailed Authenticity

We understand the transformative power of attention to detail in character performances. We believe that every element, from costumes to mannerisms, voices, and knowledge of the story, contributes to creating a truly magical experience for children. Our performers undergo rigorous training using the same materials as the leading theme park character performers, ensuring that every interaction is authentic and captivating. By immersing ourselves in the world of the characters, we are able to transport children to a realm of enchantment where their imaginations can run wild. We take pride in bringing these beloved characters to life with unwavering dedication, for we know that it is through these meticulous details that we can create real magic and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of the children we have the privilege to entertain.

Best Quality Professional Party Character Princess Performer Party DC, Maryland, Virginia Princess Parties of DC Enchanted Empowerment

"Princess [Beauty] was wonderful at my daughter's 4th birthday party. She entertained over 25 children with ease and her singing voice is amazing. We couldn't have pulled off our party without her and all of the children (to include our lil knights) had a blast. The princess/knight coronation ceremony was a hit. I would highly recommend for all parties and we have already discussed our princess plans for next year. Hands down...the most professional princess company we have experienced." - Cindy, Fredericksburg, VA

Princess Performance Perfection

We recognize the profound impact that understanding and personalization can have on creating magical experiences. Our optional "princess parent" survey plays a vital role in this regard. By gathering insights about the guest of honor, we can tailor our interactions to suit their unique personality and needs. This allows us to strike the perfect balance, ensuring that shy children feel comfortable and not overwhelmed, while also engaging and delighting outgoing ones. Moreover, this survey empowers us to create the enchantment of already knowing what makes a child special, fostering a deep sense of connection and love even before we meet them in person. We believe that this attention to detail and personalized approach elevates our celebrations to a higher level, leaving a lasting impression of warmth, understanding, and pure magic in the hearts of each child we have the pleasure of celebrating with.

Best Quality Professional Party Character Princess Performer Party DC, Maryland, Virginia Princess Parties of DC Enchanted Empowerment

​"I just want to let you know that we LOVE Brianna....she was a stunning singer and just SO good with kids. I don't give that comment out lightly, as I work with kids myself and feel I can usually tell if a person really "gets" kids pretty quickly....and she most certainly did. The kids LOVED her and she was just so fun to work with and have around...she went above and beyond our expectations for Gwen's party. Thanks again for running such a wonderful company!" - Fern, Arlington, VA*

"We can’t say enough wonderful things about our experiences. We have met Rapunzel and [Beauty] and our little one (and friends) absolutely adore their time spent with each princess. We will absolutely be booking again!"- Brittany, Nokesville, VA

* Please note that asterisked reviews came from our owner Brianna's time as a performer for a company that has now since dissolved. 

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