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Party Packages

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Imagine a party...

where memories last after the last guest has left and the cake is long gone. Where your child knows they can both wear glass slippers and shatter glass ceilings. Enchanted Empowerment parties do more than just entertain- we create feelings of self-esteem and empowerment that children will carry with them for a lifetime.

Scroll for our package options, or inquire now.

Birthday Packages

Learn about our add-ons here!

Little Mermaid Party Character Princess Performer Party DC, Maryland, Virginia Party Princess DMV Enchanted Empowerment

Characters offered are: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow Queen, Snow princess,  and Alice. Please contact us regarding custom characters, as we MAY  be able to accommodate you at a custom character rate!

Please note that party package routines are generally NON-CUSTOMIZABLE (Unless the party  host provides the replacement activity). Please contact us regarding custom party package routines, as they are available at a custom rate.


mobile addon

Deluxe Coronation Tiara

Add a fancy rhinestone tiara to the coronation ceremony in place of our standard flower-crown style tiara!

Additional Character
(price varies per package)


Add an extra character to join in the fun!

$90 for 30 Minutes

$140 for 60 Minutes

$190 for 90 Minutes

Additional Child Guests

$5 per child

Invite more guests (up to 25 for one princess, or 30 for two) to participate in our magical packages! 

Princess Hairbow Party Favor
$3.50 Per Child

As they leave, your character will distribute an elegant, high quality, sturdy hairbow themed to a popular princess! You may recognize these gorgeous hairbows from our Springtime basket deliveries with Rapunzel!

(Each child gets a random bow).

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