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Our Owner's Magical Journey 

Beauty Princess Beauty and the Beast Character Princess Performer DC, Maryland, Virginia

Me at twenty-three years old in the

first princess dress I bought to perform



Cinderella and I on the day I met her Fairy Godmother

My name is Brianna Williamson and I am the owner of Enchanted Empowerment. I have been in the princess party industry first as a performer, then as an owner, since 2013. The number one thing I used to hear at parties was “I want to look just like you!” I heard it in tiny enthralled voices at almost every event. While they were filled with excitement, there was a tinge of wistfulness that broke my heart. “No!” I always wanted to shout. “You should want to look like yourself! Nobody else can contribute like you can. Why do you already not want to be yourself at four years old?"


The Value of Fairytales

“Princess” is often used as a derogatory term as girls get older. It becomes synonymous with spoiled, vain women. But to me, a princess is a girl who faces life’s greatest challenges with hope in her heart, a kind word on her lips, and bravery in her soul. A girl who can fan the flames of her own inner light when no one else can. A girl who knows that the love you find in friendship can truly change the world. And most importantly, a princess is a girl who knows that her value comes from herself and herself only, and who can pick herself back up no matter how many times she falls down. There’s a reason that fairy tales have endured throughout every culture as long as they have, and it isn’t because of the sparkly dresses. Little girls connect with these stories. I know because I connected with them so strongly that they led me on my current career path. Seeing these girls relate to these stories without knowing why made me realize it was long past time to help them recognize why they attach to them, and ensure that they can hold onto the strength found in them.

My favorite hug in the world

At one of my most memorable parties, I spent time singing songs, reading stories, and painting nails like I always did. As I painted nails one-on-one, I suggested that the children standing in line go play or have a snack until I was ready for them, so they didn’t have to wait so long. Most of them happily obliged, but one little girl sat at the table, her eyes never changing from their wide-eyed stare of adoration. She wouldn’t speak to me. Her cousins invited her to play several times, but she simply shook her head every time. Finally, when everyone’s nails were painted and she was the only one left, she timidly asked me “Snow White, were you ever bullied?” I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces right there.

“Of course I was!” I replied. “My stepmother the Queen was never very kind to me.” Although she solemnly nodded, she couldn’t cover all of her surprise.

“But why? You’re so nice to everyone.”

“Sometimes, that brings out the meanest parts of a person.” We probably spent 30 minutes talking about kindly standing up for yourself, what to do if a teacher doesn’t believe your complaints, how to walk away, and how to remember that she will always have people like her cousins and me who love and support her. I don’t know if anything I said that day stuck, but I do know that the hug we shared when I left is one that we will both always remember.


Childhood magic

I think about that party often. I also think a lot about meeting the Fairy Godmother at a theme park when I was three years old. She gave me some glitter, told me to put it in my pocket, and when I got home, she’d come leave some in my washing machine. My mother, of course, being both understandably exhausted with keeping up with my antics already, and instinctive enough to grasp why this glitter would show up in the washing machine and nowhere else, removed it from my pocket before doing laundry. I checked the washing machine every morning for probably a month. I remember never feeling disappointed that the glitter never appeared. I trusted MY fairy godmother to know when I needed some magic and bring it at just the right time.

When I was 20 years old, living in another house, I went to do laundry one day, and noticed some distinctly-shaped glitter on the floor of the laundry room. It was the exact same kind of glitter that the fairy godmother had given me 17 years ago, but I hadn’t been to that theme park in a few years. I remember feeling such strong emotions at the sight of it, I started crying and immediately called my mom to tell her that magic was, after all, real. She was impressed but not surprised that I could still remember that interaction and that it was still significant to me. To this day, I keep the Fairy Godmother’s statement of “even miracles take a little time” close in my heart.

Realizing My True Impact

These memories and their associated emotions have remained powerful to me over the years. Finally, as the company I used to work for dissolved, I realized I could be doing more. Throughout 2017 and 2018, I continued to develop a party routine and mission that I could feel proud of and energized by. I tested different ideas throughout this time. At one of my most recent events, I tried out the portion of our routine that I am most excited about- a positive self-affirmation activity where we create “happy thoughts” for ourselves using pixie dust. It was in this activity where I received what may be the greatest compliment of my career thus far. As we shared these thoughts, the most confident, self-assured child in the room looked me in the eye and said “My happy thought is that I make good friends like you, Princess Beauty!” The emotions that little princess and I shared in that moment led me to choose the name Enchanted Empowerment.

Our Mission

The company was not born out of desire to perform or to make money. It was born from a feeling of passionate obligation to parents, myself, and most importantly, young girls to use my unique position as a role model in these children’s lives. When I use “we”, I do not use the “Royal We” (despite being a princess!), but a true we, as all of Enchanted Empowerment’s performers are dedicated to the same goal. We strive to make a lasting magical impression that children can carry with them just as I did when I was a little girl. Enchanted Empowerment is a place where glass slippers fit and glass ceilings are always shattered. We believe in the power of imagination and affirmation. We know it can create the leaders of tomorrow: strong, confident young women who know their worth and have wonderful things to say about themselves.


Our logo is "the second star to the right" because it will be the memories we make with our children that will always keep their childhood alive. It's also because we want to remind our guests that they can always create their own happy thoughts, because they always have their wonderful qualities to rely on.

We invite you to experience the magic, elevate the spirit, and create memories fit for a fairy tale.

Me at three years old in my first princess dress!

Snow White character Princess peformer DC, Maryland, Virginia NoVA

Snow White gets the best hugs.

Beauty and the Beast Beauty Princess Character Princess Performe DC, Maryland, Virginia, Nova

Another happy thought for me.

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