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COVID-19  Safety Procedures

We want to spread magic, and magic only, at our events. Your cooperation in the following procedures are greatly appreciated in order to keep you, your family, our performers, and their families safe.
Right of Refusal- Enchanted Empowerment, LLC and its performers reserve the right to cancel services if they feel unsafe at any time with full compensation from the client. This includes if there is noncompliance to masking requirements, guest count requirements, or social distancing requirements, or if there is excessive substance use, if comments are made to the performer that make them feel unsafe, if behavior of adults or children is deemed inappropriate by the performer, or if circumstances inside or outside the event are deemed unsafe by the performer. Our performers may perform at more than one party per day, so no exceptions can be made for the safety of the next family.
Refund Policy- All non-refundable retainers are NON-REFUNDABLE with ABSOLUTELY NO exceptions. This "no refunds" policy includes if the performer(s) or guest(s) become ill before the event and it is not rescheduled or if Virginia goes back to Phase 1 or lower of COVID-19 reopening guidelines. Non-refundable retainer amounts have been heavily reduced for the time being due to this policy being put in place. If a party is cancelled, any additional balances paid beyond the non-refundable retainer amount will be refunded within 5 business days.
Guest Limit- All gatherings must have 25 or fewer individuals present at all times. This includes the guest of honor, their family, their guests, any additional service providers, and your performer(s). This is for the safety of your guests, our performers, and guests at future parties. 
Mask Policy- Your performer will be masked at all times. Guests (including children over age 2) must also remain masked at all times. Masks may be removed for photos only upon request from the client. After their individual, socially-distanced photo is taken, the guest will put their mask back on. The performer will re-mask after the 5 minute photo session. We are happy to sell your child or additional guests masks that match the one your character is wearing for $10 each if they are not wearing one.
Party Location- We strongly encourage, but don't require, outdoor events for the time being. Please select a rain date when making your party inquiry. Our performers are prepared to perform in any temperature since our performance lengths are limited for the time being. We are more than happy to rearrange your party time on the same day pending other bookings in the event of inclement weather. Otherwise, we can use the rate date you selected! 

Vaccinated Performers Policy- Per the guidelines set by the US Center for Disease Control as of March 8th, 2021, vaccinated performers may take fewer precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At this time, ALL performers are vaccinated!


Please note that outdoor, distanced, masked parties are ALWAYS available. For those looking to enjoy fewer restrictions, please note our new guidelines (based off CDC guidelines) below:



  • All adults must provide proof of vaccination (your performer/s will display their card/s as well) before your performer/s may enter the party.

  • If more than one family has members who have not been vaccinated, outdoor, distanced, masked events are the only available option at this time.

  • If only one family has members who are unvaccinated (not counting children), one adult member of said family must verify in writing that they accept all risks of gathering in a pandemic, that they certify no one in their household is to their knowledge at risk of severe COVID-19, and that they release Enchanted Empowerment, LLC, as well as its performers, of liability regarding COVID-19. All vaccinated individuals (including your performer/s) must display their cards before your performer/s can enter the party.

  • If all requirements are met, unmasked or indoor, undistanced parties may take place.



  • Adults may provide proof of vaccination if desired. The performer/s will display their card/s at this time as well.

  • If any adults are not vaccinated, they must verify in writing that they accept all risks of gathering in a pandemic, that they certify no one in their household is to their knowledge at risk of severe COVID-19, and that they release Enchanted Empowerment, LLC, as well as its performers, of liability regarding COVID-19.

  • If all requirements are met, unmasked or indoor, undistanced parties may take place.


All additional safety policies, such as right of refusal, number of participants required to remain at or below 25 individuals including performers, etc, STILL APPLY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE per requirements set by the state of Virginia.

Retainer and Balance Payment- Upon acceptance of an inquiry, a contract will be mailed to you. It will include your date, time, character(s), and package choice. A signed version of the contract must be emailed to Brianna at within 72 hours of delivery before your date and time may be released. Upon signing the contract, a $30 non-refundable retainer will be invoiced to you. As a reminder, this $30 non-refundable retainer goes to our business expenses, and are thus non-refundable even in event of cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Monday before your event, an invoice for your balance will be emailed to you. IF THE BALANCE IS NOT PAID TWENTY-FOUR HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME, THE PRINCESS WILL NOT ARRIVE!!!!!!!! You will be reminded to pay your balance during your confirmation email the Wednesday before your event and again during your confirmation call the evening before your event if you have not already done so. If payment is not received, the signed contract will become null and void, and both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other. You may add gratuity to the invoice or present gratuity to your performer upon completion of the party. Gratuities are never expected, but always appreciated!
Performer Precautions- Your family's safety has always been, and will forever be, our top priority! We want to create peace of mind for everyone involved in this event; both for you and for us. Your performer will not be permitted to work if they have exhibited symptoms associated with COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to your event. They will take their temperature the morning of your event. Every performer will sign a waiver verifying that they are not experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 and that their temperature is in a normal range (under 100 degrees F) before preparing for the event. If your performer cannot work, you will be contacted immediately and your event will be rescheduled. If you choose not to reschedule, your $30 non-refundable retainer will still be retained by Enchanted Empowerment, LLC. Your performer will have cleansing wipes, hand sanitizer, and an extra mask with them at every event. They will sanitize their hands before entering your event and upon return to their vehicle. We will not allow costumes to appear at more than one party a day. The US Department of Homeland Security estimates that COVID-19 particles have a half life of 11 hours under average conditions, so they will be ready to wear the next day. (Source: Costumes will be steamed upon returning to the office.
Guest Precautions- We may be serving more than one family per day. We strongly encourage you to screen guests for symptoms before arriving. Please keep at least 6 feet distance between guests and the performer at all times. This may mean parents need to keep a closer eye on their children at the event than they would normally. Please remind your children that social distancing is still in effect before the character arrives. (We unfortunately cannot give or receive hugs at this time- we promise this is just as heartbreaking for us as it is for your family! We will instead be giving out permanent "hug tokens" for your child to keep and cherish even beyond the pandemic). You may benefit from reminding your guests to review social distancing procedures before arriving at the party as well.
Liability- Signing this contract frees Enchanted Empowerment LLC, its owner, contractors, and any assistants or photographers associated with Enchanted Empowerment LLC who may be present from any liability regarding COVID-19. You assume all risks associated with gathering during a pandemic.
Standard Policies- All regular policies for Enchanted Empowerment, LLC still stand. These policies can be viewed HERE.
Contract Agreement- Signing of this contract, while done digitally, is as binding as a paper contract. If these terms cannot be agreed to, please contact Brianna Williamson at, and this contract will become null and void. Both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other.
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